Over the years of searching the internet for information on a variety of topics, I have found personal blogs an invaluable resource. Often varying in opinion, they tend to shed a unique light on subjects from an individual’s direct experience, a perspective not found in the usual news, wiki, or review sites.

Putting off the creation of my own space for some years now, I finally decided to give it the old college try. Yes, it could just be a phase, a little writing and eventually cobwebs, or perhaps it could be much more. In any case, an opportunity to possibility give back some knowledge and perhaps shed my own perspective on a few subjects.

I have always been a scientist at heart, schooled in physics, later enamored with computer technology, I have spent most of my life trying to understand the world, how it came to be, and how we might best preserve it for future generations. Moving into my retirement years, I’m not quite done yet, but certainly finalizing the play book for the last quarter of the game.

After some head scratching and forehead rubbing, I decided to name this site Gedanken, the German word for thoughts, as our thoughts are primarily what a personal site should capture, primed for the internet to disseminate.


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